Welcome to LineDrive!

LineDrive Consulting LLC has experience specific to the design, tech, green, and gardening industries.  We are passionate about your marketplace and will immediately relate to your business challenges. 

  • Are you “doing it all” and need a trusted associate to focus on business strategy?
  • Do you need help preparing a business plan for potential investors?
  • Have you struggled with reaching optimal staff planning, recruiting, and retention?
  • Do you have concerns about operational efficiencies and would benefit from an  objective organizational audit?
  • Do you need a business-minded, confidential sounding board to address sensitive internal issues?
  • Would you benefit from an internal/external messaging review of company documents?
  • Would increased cultural awareness improve your organization’s communication  and in turn your profitability?
  • Are you planning a location move and need the help of a logistics project manager?
  • Would your cash flow be improved by a rework of accounting processes?

Organizations such as yours have similar needs to larger businesses, but often there is a limit on time or funding. LineDrive provides the support and guidance needed for your size operation, and we do it at your speed and at your budget.

For an initial complimentary consultation please call 617-830-1884 or email kmobilia@LineDriveConsulting.com.

We look forward to meeting you!